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 Dan Morris. Managing Partner.

Dan Morris. Managing Partner.


Dan Morris

Hi I'm Dan, Mindracer Consulting’s Managing Partner. I've gained over 14 years of experience working in fast growing B2B companies all over the world including US, UK and Australia.

After finishing college I was hired for my first real sales job. Burdened with a ton of debt, an unreliable car, and a long distance girlfriend it was a high pressure situation because the car wasn't going to last, and if the car went then the job and the relationship would be at risk, too.

I didn't have a choice but to get selling and maximize commission.

Reading every sales book possible, and listening to Zig Ziglar recordings until I fell asleep, I developed a winning sales mindset, and soon established myself as an up and coming sales guy, and within a couple of months I had a more reliable car! 

I've always enjoyed the challenge of working out how to sell more, faster and have been lucky to work with smart and passionate business owners to generate some excellent results including recognition for building the Inc magazine's #61 fastest growing company in America in 2012 as VP Sales at Brafton, all the time helping develop the next generation of superstar reps and leaders.

I started Mindracer to bring my experience and that of my team to business leaders that want to grow.


Activities & Affiliations

• Member: American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP)

• Mentor to the Mayor of London's International Business Programme

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