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Fraction VP Sales in New York - B2B Sales Growth Consulting

From Acceptable to Exceptional


We Transform B2B Sales From Acceptable to Exceptional.

Working with B2B CEOs and Sales Teams Drive Exceptional Results.

CEOs often experience frustration and failures when trying to grow sales. After product-market fit is established there are a series of simple steps every entrepreneur should take to establish repeatable sales process, and begin to grow a team.

Mindracer has been through this many times with entrepreneurs who previously had to to let go of salespeople because they didn’t close deals, or missed growth targets due to inaccurate forecasting, and we have helped them make the process simple and repeatable so it’s easier to manage as well as easier to run - the process should be simple and useful to everyone.

We identify profit and growth opportunities for established B2B businesses.

Established business owners need to deliver maximum profitability to achieve growth goals. After a period of time running a sales process, running an optimization project on the sales and marketing strategy can make you more money using your current team.

If you need more profit, cost of client acquisition is rising, or you’re not winning as many deals as before then its worth taking a look at your process and strategy. Mindracer’s founder developed a process for increasing efficiency when he ran out of office space for his sales team - the options were: more cost via more office space and salespeople, or more efficiency from the same people. The analysis project he carried out yielded 14% net margin increase, 225% increase in conversion meeting to deal.

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