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Fraction VP Sales in New York - B2B Sales Growth Consulting

Helping Businesses Grow


We help CEO's focus on building companies.

If you’re a business owner or CEO that needs to get out of the daily sales or sales management role, we can help. 

Our expert team helps make your sales process repeatable and trainable, then carry out sales management tasks, training and coaching your team for you on a project or less-than full-time basis, making this an affordable step to take at a much earlier stage than hiring a full time VP Sales. We will support you in getting your time back running the business by helping develop strategy and implement technology and systems for your business, showing you proven sales frameworks to improve conversion, average order value, and shorten the sales cycle length from lead to new customer.


Starting with Mindracer's proprietary 80 point sales audit, we will assess then present urgent needs and future opportunities in growing your revenue, then lead the project that follows to help you build and support a team, manage the process and deliver results.

We have experience adding revenue and increasing efficiency in challenging and competitive markets. Some examples are:

  • Increasing efficiency in terms of conversion from meeting to deal over 200% in a subscription services business.
  • Increasing average order value over 40% in B2B professional services.
  • Increasing production in terms of signed deals per sales person 600% in SaaS software.

Also we help companies resolve very common challenges in building and growing a sales team:

  • Have you hired salespeople only to have them fail?
  • Have you grown a sales team, and now results have slowed?
  • Is your cost of winning clients increasing all the time?
  • Do you want to maximize your revenue in the next year?

We can help.

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How we help

Founder Program


Exclusively for Founders and CEO’s who are directly involved in sales, the Founders program is a 1:1 ongoing support and accountability program to help the CEO constantly improve sales strategy, execution and maximize momentum for the growing business while they also run the business itself.

The founders program takes participants from overwhelmed or frustrated CEO sellers to being confident in their system and ready to build a team. The program develops a sales system specific to their business and empowers with a strong understanding of proven frameworks and tools that make sales more efficient and reliable.

Momentum program


Qualifying companies that plan to maximize revenue in 12 months while keeping costs low can take part in Momentum, a program designed to support more than one seller within a company by providing expert VP Sales / Chief Sales Officer level support on a less-than full time basis.

Working alongside internal leadership, we carry out an 80 point sales audit and then provide the solutions required to help your company grow sales. We deliver the support your team needs on an ongoing basis. Options include sales enablement content and training, group and individual coaching, best of breed efficiency tools, frameworks and processes. Mindracer also helps to improve the use of data for optimizing strategy and revenue forecasting within the business.

Sales Audit


Would you go a year without getting a check up with your doctor? A year without servicing your car? When was the last time you had an expert review of your sales organization?.

Mindracer has developed an 80 point sales audit that covers every part of your sales organization and provides a complete report on the areas you could be improving. It is either an ideal confirmation that your organization is running perfectly, a focused report to build a business case for investment, or a powerful starting point for a positive overhaul. The Mindracer Sales Audit is the starting point of every momentum program, and is also available as a standalone service.