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Transforming Sales From Random To Repeatable
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Fraction VP Sales in New York - B2B Sales Growth Consulting


We Help Technical Expert Founders Replace Themselves As Salespeople And Build Successful Sales Teams.

Technical expert business owners experience double digit growth:

“I've worked with Mindracer for about 1-year and have been thrilled with the results. My business experienced double-digit growth last year; growth that was largely due to the systems and processes Mindracer helped us develop. I cannot recommend Dan and his team enough.”

CEO, B2B services business.

Technical expert-led startups gain traction:

“We engaged Mindracer to help evaluate and refine our sales process for our enterprise SaaS legal tech product. The insights and processes we gained rapidly improved our sales process from targeting and qualification methods to value proposition and close process, which led to us signing our early deals.”

Co-CEO, B2B enterprise SaaS business.

2020 Planning?

If you are a B2B CEO planning to remove yourself from day to day selling, and grow your sales team in 2020, Mindracer will provide a FREE consultation on strategy for successfully adding a sales team, valued at $500.

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